Seives Testing Equipments

We have High quality UK manufactured test sieves, together with complimentary particle size analysis equipment and accessories.

European Standard Test Sieves are available in frame diameters from 75mm to 450mm for European specifications and 8 and 12 inch for American specifications. Impact also manufactures Grain Sieves, Grid Sieves, Pocket Sieves, Airjet Sieves, Coffee Bean Grading Sieves, Half Height Sieves and Wet Washing Sieves.

Latest Impact Test Sieves and Equipments

Cement wet washing sieves are now available from Impact, with replaceable stainless steel mesh and Wet Washing Sieve Apparatus to ASTM C430, ASTM D1514; AASHTO T192.

UKAS Sieve Calibration and Services

Impact Test Equipment is proud to be a UK sieve manufacturer with UKAS accreditation for the calibration of test sieves.

Civil Engineering Test Equipment

Impact is also a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory testing equipment for the civil engineering & construction industry.

Grain & Coffee Sieves

Our range of Grain Sieves are manufactured from a slotted punched plate of stainless steel. The image below shows one of Impact’s Grain Sieves

Perforated Plate

The perforated plates used in Impact Test Sieves are manufactured from a punched plate of coated mild steel. A square hole perforated plate sieve manufactured by Impact is shown below.

Woven Wire

All woven wire mesh used in Impact Test Sieves is manufactured from stainless steel.
Impact woven wire sieves are shown below.

Frame Depth

The depth of the sieve is measured from the top of the frame to the surface of the woven wire mesh or perforated plate.

Frame Diameter

The sieve diameter is the length of the straight line from inside edge to inside edge of the frame, passing through the centre of the sieve. The sieve diameter should be measured at the top of the sieve.

Specifications for Impact Test Sieves

All Impact sieves are guaranteed to meet the applicable standard. Our sieves are manufactured to the highest standards. Seamless frames ensure a precise fit and superior quality. Specifications are adhered to for the diameter & depth of the frames & the materials & aperture sizes of the mesh or plate.

UKAS Sieve Calibration

There is no higher guarantee of quality and compliance than UKAS Certification, ideal as a master reference when calibrating your working sieves.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service is the sole UK accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally recognised standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.


Impact Test Equipment is a UK sieve manufacturer with UKAS accreditation for the calibration of both plate type & woven wire type test sieves.

Once a sieve is calibrated it is an accurate and traceable measuring device.


Impact Test Sieve Specifications

Frame Frame Material Sieve Depth
75mm  Stainless Steel 40mm
100mm  Stainless Steel 40mm
150mm  Stainless Steel 50mm
200mm  Stainless Steel 50mm
250mm  Stainless Steel 50mm
300mm  Stainless Steel 75mm
315mm  Stainless Steel 75mm
350mm  Stainless Steel 65mm
400mm  Stainless Steel 75mm
450mm  Stainless Steel 100mm
Half Height 200mm  Stainless Steel 25mm
Half Height 300mm  Stainless Steel 45mm
8 inch  Stainless Steel 2 inches
Half Height 8 inch  Stainless Steel 1 inch
Half Height 12 inch  Stainless Steel 1 ½ inches

200mm, 300mm, 8 & 12 inch 

Wet Washing Sieves

Stainless Steel Refer to Sieve Selector
450mm  West Washing Sieves Stainless Steel 300mm
200mm  Grain Sieve Stainless Steel 50mm
Half Height 200mm  Grain Sieve Stainless Steel 25mm
200mm Coffee Sieve Stainless Steel 50mm
457mm x 660mm Screen Trays Stainless Steel 75mm
Pocket Sieves Brass Ring N/A
300mm x 300mm Grid Sieves Painted Steel 75mm
200mm Air Jet Sieves Stainless Steel 25mm


Impact manufactures Coffee Bean Grading Sieves to ISO 4150:2011 and Green Coffee Grading Sieves to the classifications below.

1/64th Inch Classification Central America & Mexico Colombia Africa & India
20/64″ Very Large Superior Supremo AA
19.5/64″ Very Large Superior Supremo AA
19/64″ Very Large Superior Supremo AA
18.5/64″ Large Superior Supremo AA
18/64″ Large Superior Supremo A
17/64″ Large Superior Exelso A
16/64″ Medium Segundas Exelso B
15/64″ Medium Segundas Exelso B
14/64″ Small Terceras Exelso C
13/64″ Shells Caracol Exelso PB
12/64″ Shells Caracol Exelso PB
11/64″ Shells Caracolli Exelso PB
10/64″ Shells Caracolillo Exelso PB
9/64″ Shells Caracolillo Exelso PB
8/64″ Shells Caracolillo Exelso PB

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