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Falcon Geomatics is the authorized distributor of several the premier brand of surveying equipment trusted by surveyors worldwide. Falcon Geomatics has the complete line of surveying, GNSS (GPS), Infrastructure and Networks, Monitoring, Underground Monitoring, scanning, GIS; drone based mapping and optical instruments from different brands. The experienced sales and technical teams at Falcon Geomatics LLC can guide you to the most efficient technology for any project.

The Supplier of Scientific Laboratory Equipments

Welcome to Falcon Geomatics

The Supplier of Land Survey Equipment

Falcon Geomatics LLC, is the Equipment Trading Division of Falcon Group established as a Distributor of precision measurement technology to the surveying and engineering industries. The company sell, hire and service new and re-conditioned land survey and laser equipment and provide training and support as well as Calibration/Repair Services for the Equipment. Over than a Decade of Experience in the Field of Survey Equipment Accessories, we have invested heavily in workforce and is now home to some of the most experienced and highly-trained service technicians in the country.


We supply everything from the simplest of survey accessory such as nails or spray paint through to the full range of surveying equipment, robotic total stations and GPS. Civil engineering and construction projects present many challenges for which we can offer complete solutions for surveying, monitoring, scanning, and other geo referencing tasks.

Pipe CCTV Inspection Robot

CCTV pipe inspection robots, as the most effective and accurate tools to access the pipeline, play a very important role in the sewer and drainage industry. With state-of-the-art technology, Easy-Sight CCTV pipe inspection robots for sale can provide best-quality inspection with HD video and images.

High-Quality Pavement Testing Evaluation & Solutions

For Airport, Highway & Roads

What Are Pavement Test Equipment?

We provides Dynatest equipment with a wide range of tools for determining the pavement which can be used for evaluation of the condition of roads & airports and many more.



Why Pavement Testing is needed?

We are providing engineers with accurate testing data they can manage resources and plan pavement projects more accurately and estimate precise budgetary requirements.




We work with world class manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and calibration satisfaction.









All calibration & services in one place

Supply of Land Survey Equipment

We are one of the prominent land Survey Equipment supplier in UAE who deals with the supply of GPS, Total Stations, Automatic Levels, Underground Detectors, Equipment accessories, laser scanners, concrete scanners of different manufactures

Rental of Survey Equipment

Falcon Geomatics LLC Dubai & Abu Dhabi is proud to offer for rent a wide selection of survey equipment, GIS and Mapping equipment, and other construction products, all from reputable manufacturers. All of our survey and construction rentals are available with our renowned technical support and training.

Calibration of Equipment

Specialize a full range of calibration services for your sophisticated measuring equipment. FALCON reference equipment are accurately calibrated and tested as per the company’s quality procedures based on manufacture’s recommended practices & traceable to National/International Standards.

Dipstick 2285

The Most Accurate Road and Floor Profiler

Testing labs, building owners, developers, contractors, universities, research institutions and government agencies on six continents choose the Dipstick because it produces the most accurate and repeatable flatness/levelness data – period. Dipstick readings are guaranteed to be accurate to 0.0125 mm – less than 0.0005″ (that’s 5/10,000ths of an inch!). Based on the thorough testing of every unit we manufacture, Dipsticks are typically accurate to 0.005 mm (0.0002).


Why? Constant design and electronic improvements in an ongoing effort to improve what is already unparalleled performance. Although it looks the same, the Dipstick of today doesn’t include a single component that was part of the Dipstick of 20 years ago. In fact, the Dipstick is so accurate that it’s routinely used to calibrate other measuring instruments!





High Quality & High Return

Faro Focus 3D Laser Scanner provides the most precise & exact result with fast, accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings using Focus 3D scanner technology?


With its compact design, the Faro Focus 3D scanners are secure to convey transport and operate — with built-in preservation from dirt, dust, fog, rain and heat/cold. The Imaging Laser Scanner for extended ranges. The FARO Laser Scanner is a high-speed 3D scanner with extra-long range. It can scan objects up to maximum meters away even in direct sunlight, delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results.


The 3D Laser Scanner scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for accident reconstruction, architecture, civil engineering, construction, forensics, industrial manufacturing and land surveying. Distance dimensions, area and volume calculations, analysis and inspection tasks and documentation can thus be carried out quickly, precisely and reliably.


For Every Way You Work

This high-performance Robotic Total Station is designed to be easy to learn, and pairs perfectly with the suite of Spectra Geospatial Field Software options, including Origin, Layout Pro, and Survey Pro. The FOCUS 50 total station is available in three models, Autolock, Short Range Robotic, and Long Range Robotic.


The Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 is a robotic total station you can customize to fit your needs. Available in three models, with your choice of angular accuracy – 1″, 2″, 3″or 5″. The FOCUS 50 features the smoothness of MagDrive™, the stability of SurePoint™ and the productivity of Autolock™.


The FOCUS 50 Robotic Totals Station can be used with the Ranger 5, the Ranger 7, or a tablet. Powerful, easy-to-use, affordable, and tough, the FOCUS 50 delivers high performance and versatility for every way you work.


Our Address

Dubai Office

Falcon Geomatics LLC
Ahammed Kamal Warehouse 6
Street 10C Ras al Khor Industrial 1, PO.Box.238544, Dubai, 
United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Office

Falcon Geomatics LLC – Abu Dhabi
Musaffah Industrial Area M40 Plot Number 6 & Building 3 First Floor, Office No. 11 & 12 Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

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