Handheld XRF Nanoris

Alloy Application

The Nanoris is based on Si-PIN/SDD technology for measuring alloys including precious metals.

The Nanoris handheld precious metal analyzer has a high-speed processing chip, advanced algorithm and high-responsive software, resulting in fast analysis. This handheld precious metal analyzer is pre-calibrated for major alloys and precious metals with elements range from Mg and U. With non-destructive testing and one touch operation, within a few seconds you can have results. It is user friendly & easy to operate.


It is made with a compact design making it easy to carry & test. The high-performance X-ray tube, Ultrahigh resolution Detector and the Digital multi-channel processing technology, this Nanoris precious metal analyzer yields a super-high detection resolution. Up to date with technology, it has built in 32GB memory, USB, and Bluetooth which results in data being easily transferred and exported to EXCEL of PDF format. With that, users can effortlessly customize the reports with logos, addresses, batch numbers, product descriptions, etc.


The Nanoris software is a professional FP based software which enables users to easily configure passwords and customize analysis reports. Built with double beam technology, it can automatically sense that there is a sample at the measurement window. Provided with waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof suitcase & Safety Band for safe use of this machine.

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