Our Range of Pavement Testing Equipments

We are the ultimate partner when it comes to pavement evaluation solutions. Our high-quality pavement testing equipment and software set the standards for the entire industry.

Dynatest has developed a range of equipment to measure both structural and functional aspects of the pavement systems. The equipment is designed to provide standardized data of the highest accuracy and repeatability making the output ideal for both project and network-level assessment.

We are the pavement industry’s global partner on pavement evaluation solutions. We develop, manufacture, and service equipment and software that defines the industry standard. With more than 40 years of experience, we deliver seamless 360° solutions based on innovative, market-leading expertise.

We provides you with the chance to choose from various Airport Runway and Road Testing based on your equipment and personal preferences.


Pavement engineers worldwide should have the best tools available to understand and model pavements. Dynatest produces a range of structural testing equipment that meets and in many cases exceed international standards. The tools can be used to assess pavements under different loading conditions enabling the engineer to identify the correct mode of failure and the optimum maintenance alternative.

FastFWD - Fast Falling Weight Defletometer

FWD - Falling Weight Deflectometer

HWD - Heavy Weight Deflectometer

LWD - Light Weight Deflectometer

TMD - Truck Mounted Deflectometer

PAST - Pavement Strain Transducers


We provides a range of tools for determining the ride and surface quality of the pavements, which can be used for evaluating road or airports.

Mobile Multi Functional Vehicle

MFV - Multi Functional Vehicle

RSP III - Road Surface Profiler MK III

RSP IV - Road Surface Profiler MK IV


Determining and maintaining acceptable pavement friction condition is highly important to airports and roads authorities. Low friction values may lead to fatal accidents that pavement engineers work diligently to avoid. Dynatest manufactures both locked wheel and slip friction units for use on airports and roads at both project and network levels.

RFT - Runway Friction Tester

HFT - Highway Slip Friction Tester

PFT - Pavement Friction Tester

TTT - Tire Traction Tester


The Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) is an accelerated, full-scale loading facility that accelerates pavement failure by simulating many years of traffic loading in a few months.

HVS - Heavy Vehicle Simulator

We are on the way to Airport Runway and Road for the Future Travel

We are Pavement industry's Global Partner.

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