Topcon GPT-7501 1″ Reflectorless Total Station

The Topcon GPT-7500 series is smaller, lighter, faster and the best solution to handle any survey job, Topcons latest Windows CE reflectorless Total Station has advanced features to speed up your job on site.

With the huge reflectorless range of 2000m you no longer have to go into treacherous or high traffic terrain to take measurements, this can all be done from a safe distance.

The Package Includes:

  • Tripod Stand
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Big prism with prism pole
  • Carrying Case


World’s Longest Range Reflectorless EDM (GPT-7500 only):
Most powerful reflectorless EDM available (2000m)
Long range power means unsurpassed short range performance
Pinpoint accuracy with narrow, focused beam

TopSURV onboard:
Expanded import and export for CAD packages
Exclusive enhanced right mouse support
Multiple layer selection
Exclusive Topo Grid Function
Improved digital level support

Dual backlit full keypad (1” & 3” models only):
Smaller, lightweight design and rugged construction for ease of transport and durability
Rechargeable batteries provide increased operating times

Expand on-board memory or move file using
Compact Flash technology
Upload or download data directly to a PC in the field or office using the USB A port
Use the mini USB port to connect to activesync.

Work the way you want:
The GTS-750 and GPT-7500 models have an external data port for use with external data collectors from Topcon and other third parties.The On-board Windows CE system allows other third party software to be loaded on-board.


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