Topcon ES-105 5″ Reflectorless Total Station

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The Topcon ES-105 Total Station feature class leading EDM that is able to measure up to 1,640 feet in reflectorless mode and approximately 13,123 feet using a single prism at an incredible 2mm + 2ppm accuracy. Measurements can be as fast as 0.9 seconds and the Topcon EDM algorithm reduces the signal noise associated with non-prism measurements, providing accurate results over longer distance.

The ES-105 total station has a 10,000-point internal memory for storing field data, USB and RS-232c serial port and can be used with any of Topcon’s field controllers, such as the Topcon Tesla, FC-2600, FC-250, FC-236 and FC-25.

Product Highlights

  • Reflectorless
  • Range of 1,640′
    • Transfer data via Bluetooth, USB, or serial port
    • Rechargeable battery good for 36 hours
    • IP-66 rating against water and dust
    • Black and white LCD display
    • Keyboard for data entry
    • TSshield system
    • Laser pointer and plummet
    • LongLink for system updates


The Package Includes:

  • Tripod Stand
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Big prism with prism pole
  • Carrying Case























































3 reviews for Topcon ES-105 5″ Reflectorless Total Station

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