Total Station

Total station is associate degree electronic/optical instrument employed in trendy measurement and survey building construction that uses electronic transit surveyor’s instrument in conjunction with electronic distance meter (EDM).It is conjointly integrated with silicon chip, electronic information collector and storage system.

The instrument is employed to live sloping distance of object to the instrument, horizontal angles and vertical angles. This silicon chip unit allows for computation of information collected to any calculate the horizontal distance, coordinates of purpose a degree and reduced level of point.

Data collected from total station may be downloaded into computer/laptops for any process of knowledge.

Total station rental In UAE are in the main employed by land surveyors and civil engineers, either to record options as in topographical measurement or to line out options (such as roads, homes or boundaries). They’re conjointly employed by archaeologists to record excavations and by police, crime scene investigators, non-public accident Reconstructionist and insurance firms to require measurements of scenes.

Leica Total station

We provide a variety of highly specific and reliable Leica ts price. Each uses the most recent distance technology to benefit from a powerful suite of onboard programs as well as numerous sensor and accuracy options, all Leica ts price with the highest reliability.