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Traditional vs Digital

Switching From Traditional to Digital Asset Management

It is the advancement of technology and, in some countries, government policy that is changing the way the construction industry works, and is placing a demand on all parties to adopt compatible processes and procedures.

These two forces are creating a need for businesses in the construction sector to look to technology to help.

Switching from a traditional process which has been in place for decades can be daunting.

Current ways of working which are often manual, time consuming and subject to human error, are being replaced with faster, more accurate digitised approaches. By applying Digital Asset Management, you can now locate to an asset, measure, record and share field data more accurately, generate a record of what has been created more easily, and ultimately operate more efficiently. New practices and tools, particularly digital data collection, are changing the way we build for the better.

Adopting digital working practices is beginning to happen as more and more construction companies are asking for a digital handover document. It can take a cultural change to increase digital working practices on a construction site, and can often be driven by the realisation that things need to be done differently, as a result of unsatisfactory experiences that become unsustainable, causing a cultural shift towards a ‘digital by default’ mentality.