Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner

Do you want to hire a Leica Laser Scanner instead of purchasing it? Are you looking for a light-weight and compact scanner with integrated color camera for your laser scanning project? Do you want to scan large objects or objects which are far away? In that case, you should hire the Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner in  the successor of the well-liked and allows scanning objects in a range of Up to 2‘000‘000 pts / sec. Rent Leica RTC360 under favorable conditions in Dubai, UAE.


Automatically pre-register point cloud data in the field to quickly conduct quality control checks, improve productivity and make better-informed decisions on site.

Content of Rental Offer:

  • laser scanner and accessories are rented including insurance
  • For newcomers, we optionally offer an operator at the start of rental. Thus, your project will be successful.

Data Acquisition : < 2 min for complete full dome scan and spherical HDR image at 6mm @ 10m resolution
Accuracy* : Angular accuracy 18”
Range Accuracy : 1.0 mm + 10 ppm
3D point Accuracy
1.9 mm @ 10 m
2.9 mm @ 20 m
5.3 mm @ 40 m
Range : Min. 0.5 – up to 130 m
Speed : Up to 2‘000‘000 pts / sec

Field of Application:

  • Architecture, preservation of buildings and monuments
  • Design and planning of factory buildings and digital factory
  • mining industry and tunnel construction
  • public service corporations
  • aircraft construction and naval architecture
  • foundries and steel industry
  • chemistry and process industry
  • forensics




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