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Unsaturated Soil Testing System (UNSAT)

GDS Unsaturated Triaxial Testing System (UNSAT) is an extension to traditional triaxial testing, in that soils from above the water table may be tested under conditions approaching the in-situ stress state and degree of saturation or partial saturation.


All GDS triaxial testing systems (as well as triaxial equipment from other manufacturers*) can be modified to allow for Unsaturated Triaxial Testing. GDS provide 4 methods to perform unsaturated testing.


Method A: Direct volume measurement using am air pressure/volume controller Method B: HKUST inner cell Method C: double walled cell Method D: on-sample strain transducers


Key features Benefits to the user
Choice of different methods: To suit your testing requirements and budget, see options A, B, C & D on the product datasheet.
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Method B has been developed in conjunction with HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), who are specialists in unsaturated soil testing.
Mixed and matched: Methods may be ‘mixed and matched’ to create a custom system.
GDS experience: GDS has knowledge of many different unsaturated test methods and can objectively advise customers on the best method for their test requirements. GDS are not limited to a single solution and have currently over 100 unsaturated systems in use.


Accuracy of Volume Measurement

Method A (0.25%), Method B (<0.04% or 32mm3), Method C (<0.25%), Method D (<0.8 or 0.1%).

Sample Sizes

Any size available, constraint is the cell size.


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