Leica Viva GNSS GS08 Plus Receiver

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An impressive solution with functionality for a wide range of projects

The most cable free and compact GNSS receiver setup, the Leica Viva GS08plus is light-weight whilst still flexible and is the right choice for many surveying projects. The Leica GS08plus is the complete integrated and compact GNSS solution.

Pick it up and measure

Simply turn on the Leica Viva GS08plus and a connection is made to the local reference network. Full support of Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) 3.1 transformation message, positions are automatically provided and supplied in local coordinates. The GS08plus is always ready to measure.

Easy to use and fast to understand

SmartWorx Viva LT is easy to use software and designed with simplicity in mind. It uses logical menu structures and  clear graphics along with simple terminology and workflows. This improves work  production speed for field crews in minimum time frames.

Integrates and works alongside existing equipment

Logical integration with Leica Viva ensures total versatility and unlimited scalability. Enjoy all the benefits of a modern surveying system and the expansion at any time.


Integrating the latest technology from Leica Geosystems, all the components of the GS08 work seamlessly together, creating a lightweight and cable-free network rover. The NetRover helps you to complete your measurement tasks; just turn-on and connect to your local reference network. With full support of RTCM 3.1 data, positions are automatically supplied in local coordinates.

Add to this SmartWorx Viva LT, built with simplicity in mind, using clear graphics, logical menu structures, non-technical terminology and simplified workflows, you and your field crews will be up to speed in the minimum of time. The future proof GNSS receiver provides best in class tracking performance. The field controller includes a 3.5G mobile broadband modem for high-speed connection to the Internet.

Available with ‘Extended Applications’ & ‘Extended Settings Upgrades’, for full Viva functionality.

The Leica CGR10 ‘UHF cap antenna’ now transforms the Leica Viva NetRover into a fully flexible RTK rover that supports both GSM/GPRS and UHF communications.

Armed with this fully ‘Smart’ Rover, the surveyor on the ground can choose between Network RTK (i.e. SmartNet) using his/her internal 3.5G modem or utilize a local base-station for traditional short-range radio work. To swap between methods simply load the alternative “RTK Profile” and continue working in under a minute.

Field Software Leica SmartWorx Viva LT
Satellite Tracking 72 Channel GPS & GLONASS, SBAS
Accuracy PP: 6mm+0.5ppm, RTK moving: 10/20mm+1ppm.
Data Storage 1GB internal, SD/CF-card, USB, Serial port


It is possible to configure the GS08/12 sensor as an RTK base. A GFU27 Satel Radio must be used which permits the transmission of RTCM v3 RTK correction data.

The CS Field Controller is only used to configure the GS08/12 sensor over the known reference point. Once configured and transmitting RTK corrections the CS Field Controller no longer needs to remain at the base, thus can control a second antenna to work as a  traditional Rover. It is not possible to log raw data when using a GS08/12 as a base Sensor; GS08/12 can log raw data in a static mode when a “Raw Data Logging” licence is purchased. Please contact us for more information on licencing.

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