Leica Lino L4P1 Line Laser

The Leica Lino L4P1 is the most effective multi line laser yet, supporting smart and effective workflows for plasterers, tilers and many other interior trades. Its distinctive and innovative power concept and its flexibility makes it the obvious choice.

Virtually all interior applications are covered with the L4P1: one horizontal and three 180° vertical laser lines and the 5 layout points allow effortless aligning and levelling as well as fast plumbing. The smart rotation base can be twisted 360° over a selected point and the accurate fine adjustment supports swift targeting of the vertical laser lines for high-speed 90° layouts. To detect greater distances up to 80 meters we recommend it is used with the Leica RVL80 Receiver.

Benefits of the Lino L4P1

Accuracy – 360° base rotation with fine adjustment
The Lino L4P1 Laser can be rotated 360° over a particular point. The accurate fine adjustment supports quick targeting of the vertical laser lines for high-speed layouts of entire rooms.

Innovative Li-Ion power: 24 hr battery life on a single charge
The Li-Ion power allows continuous working for up to 24 hrs and the Li-Ion batteries are exchangeable with typical alkaline batteries. The Leica L4P1 is always ready to work, even if the b Li-Ion batteries are not charged.

One device for all interior applications
Three 180° vertical and one horizontal laser lines and the 5 layout points allow simple aligning and levelling as well as rapid plumbing. Almost any interior application is possible with the Leica Lino L4P1.


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Additional information

Package Includes

Leica Lino L4P1 multi line laser
Li-Ion battery
Charger with different plugs for world-wide use
Alkaline battery tray
Target plate
Hard case


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