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ALFA has a fundamental commitment to ensuring that all customers receive the highest quality products and services. Our company holds a rigorous quality management system of EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate to ensure that the customer’s requirement are always met.

Compression Tester (B-001/LCD)

Beam Flexure Apparatus (B-003/BFA)

Flexural Tester (B-003/LCD)

Slab Tester (B-004)

Pipe Tester (B-001/PT)

Beam Mould (B-017)

Plastic Cube Mould (B-011/P)

Metal Cube Mould (B-011/M)

Cylinder Mould (B-010)

Cylindrical Capping Set (B-015)

Capping Pads (B-016)

Automatic Grinding Machine (B-199)

Slump Set (B-020)

Concrete Flow Table (B-024)

L-Box Apparatus (B-026)

V-Funnel Apparatus (B-025)

U-Shape Box Apparatus (B-029)

J-Ring Apparatus (B-027)

Vebe Consistometer (B-130)

Compacting Factor (B-185)

Vibrating Table (B-125)

Poker Vibrator (B-120)

Airmeter (B-320/B)

Concrete Penetrometer (B-135)

Plastic Curing Tank (B-140/P)

Metal Curing Tank (B-140/M)

Curing Tank Controlling Unit (B-140/CU)

Pan-Type Mixer (B-120)

Drum-Type Mixer (B-121)

Water Impermeability (B-245)

Profoscope (B-050/P)

Ferrodetector (B-050/H)

Ultrasonic Tester (B-048)

Universal Cutting Machine (B-062)

Cutting Machine (B-063)

Crack Microscope (B-250)

Concrete Test Hammer (B-110)

Digital Test Hammer (B-110/D)

Testing Anvil (B-117)

Coring Machine (B-061)

Core Bits (B-061/X) ALFA B-061-6

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