X5-HT Pipeline Robot Inspection

X5-HT pipeline CCTV inspection robot is a high-definition pipeline CCTV inspection robot, which can be controlled by a personal laptop or a dedicated controller. The laptop or dedicated controller is connected to other parts of the system through wireless (wired), and displays and stores high-definition detection videos in real time.

X5-HT Pipeline CCTV Inspection Robot Main Parts

X5-HS Crawler

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Cable Reel

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Main Controller

Features & Advantages

The main controller is pre-installed with Pipe CCTV pipeline inspection and evaluation report software, which can control and operate the robot, video surveillance and recording, fill in the inspection records on site and interpret by screenshots, automatically evaluate, calculate and output inspection and evaluation reports that meet industry standards and local standards.


It equipped with Pipe Sight pipeline inspection video evaluation report software, which can perform playback interpretation and evaluation report output, and archive output data according to project classification, for archiving or GIS system data connection.


Besides, it equipped with PipeTracer pipeline detection positioning and tracking software, Draw pipe bottom slope curve and pipeline path curve in real-time measurement, and can derive longitudinal section diagram of pipeline deposition status.

HD P&T Camera

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