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Survey Mobile is an easy to learn and simple to use field software for surveyors who want to get their work done fast and efficiently. The user interface is designed to be simple and straightforward so surveyors can be productive immediately.

Sharing data between crews is seamless with importing and exporting capabilities. Surveyors can measure, stakeout and calibrate a site in their coordinate system of choice after configuring their receiver settings. Survey Mobile currently supports the SP60, SP80 GNSS receivers and Mechanical Total Stations Nikon such as NPL-322/322+, DTM-322/322, Nivo M series, Focus 8 & Focus 6.

The software is optimized for use on Android devices v4.3 and higher. Survey Mobile allows users the flexibility to use any Android supported device.

The features and functionalities provided by Survey Mobile will enable surveyors to be productive and efficient in the field where every second counts.
  • General Survey Topological point survey, multi-epoch control point survey, offset distance point survey, and fast survey with controller internal GNSS.
  • Static Survey Static survey and data logging.
  • Stop&Go survey To log number of points in the same job.
  • Stakeout Point and line stakeout. Offset Survey
  • Roading Road elements supported including importing road design files, defining road elements, defining intersections and stakeout of rad stations.
  • Site Calibration Grid to local transformation.
  • Receiver Configuration RTK Radio (Internal, External), RTK Network (VRS), RTK Bluetooth (Long Range SP60 only) & RTX
  • Import & Export Import: Point (txt,csv), AutoCad (dxf), Coordinate System (scs), Job (jxl), Roads (rxl). Export:Point (txt,csv), South CASS (dat), AutoCad (dxf), Job (jxl), Roads (rxl), Coordinate System (scs), Static Survey Report (txt)
  • Define Topological point, control point with grid coordinates or WGS84 geodetic coordinates.
  • COGO Calculate points based on distances and angles.

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