Advanced Positioning System for Faster, Simpler and More Precise 3D Optical Measurement
LightRunner is a positioning system that transforms automated 3D optical measurement, replacing the mapping process to simplify setup and reduce cycle times.

Continuously improving manufacturing productivity relies on embracing technology that supports a smarter way of working. Using data-driven intelligence to optimise operations has transformative potential for both the way you work and the results you achieve. LightRunner offers manufacturers a smarter approach to automating 3D optical measurement.

Based on pattern projection technology coupled with advanced software algorithms, LightRunner uses in-built intelligence to automate key activities throughout the measurement process, reducing operator workload and training requirements while increasing cell capacity to improve productivity.

Projecting a pattern with millions of reference points on to the part during measurement, LightRunner offers a unique way to establish an absolute reference position for tiles in a 3D optical measurement cell. The system completely eliminates the need for mapping in the setup of new parts and during measurement of parts, simplifying the workflow and freeing up the cell to get even more measurements done.

LightRunner also removes the requirement to store referenced panels for automated measurement systems. With LightRunner, 3D optical systems are no longer reliant on robot repeatability so temperature compensation is unnecessary, while robot stabilisation time is completely removed from the measurement cycle – moving you nearer to on-the-fly measurement.

LightRunner also significantly reduces programming times for new parts by enabling the CoreView metrology software to automatically generate the initial program for operators to fine-tune. Program verification between changes is also unnecessary, saving you the time of running through the entire program each time a problem is identified and edits made.

The LightRunner solution positions tiles directly within the part coordinate system. Because LightRunner is referencing on the part surface, it provides absolute accuracy and keeps the 3D optical measurement system within correlation. Measurement cells with LightRunner no longer need to be correlated with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and their accuracy can be continually proven by the positioning system.

LightRunner is available with the 360º Cell turnkey automated measurement cell.

Shop-Floor Proven
Comprised of simple components proven in workshop conditions, the LightRunner system is robust for use on the production floor and immune from changes in conditions such as temperature and ambient light.

Reduced Measurement Cycle Times
By eliminating the need for robot stabilisation time, LightRunner brings you close to on-the-fly measurement and can improve the productivity of Hexagon’s 3D optical measurement cells by up to 30%. The solution can also reduce overall part capture to report time to less than half that of other automated 3D measurement systems.

Improved Measurement Performance
The absolute positioning provided by LightRunner improves overall process accuracy and repeatability. 3D optical measurement systems powered by LightRunner uniquely offer continuous proof of accurate system performance and stable process control for confidence in your operation.

Long-Term Correlation Stability
LightRunner provides long-term correlation stability for the 3D optical measurement system, giving you complete confidence in the system’s performance without the need for CMM correlations.

Faster Programming
LightRunner enables the virtual programming function in CoreView to automatically create an initial part program, reducing programming times by up to 75% compared to traditional methods in the same software.

No Mapping or Markers Needed
Most 3D optical measurement solutions require part mapping with marker stickers during the initial setup, and some even during the measurement. LightRunner completely removes this process step, eliminates any need for reference frames and also renders the program verification process obsolete, simplifying setup for every new part.

Minimal Installation Cost
LightRunner’s advanced positioning technology achieves accurate results without adding sophisticated automation technology, logistics or tooling, so there’s no need to invest in expensive new robots, Smart Part systems or new fixtures.

Low Power Consumption
Unlike some systems that remain powered-up at all times, LightRunner’s LED illumination is active for just fractions of a second at a time. This significantly reduces power consumption to reduce the cost of operation, improve sustainability and support an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing.


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