High-Accuracy Blue Light Measurement System
The BLAZE 600M portable blue light measurement system is a non-contact optical 3D scanning solution for rapid data acquisition on the shop floor. Combining high-resolution digital imaging with blue light LED illumination, it offers you precision 3D inspection in a flexible package.

Featuring adjustable measurement fields, multiple data acquisition modes and two configuration options, BLAZE 600M is easily adapted to different material types and delivers results in applications from dimensional measurement to reverse engineering.

Bringing quality-room accuracy and flexible operation to intensive shop-floor applications, BLAZE 600M provides actionable information to support multiple processes throughout the product lifecycle. Three high-resolution cameras capture digital imagery to generate a 3D model of the measured part, even in challenging workshop conditions. Using blue light LED illumination, this unique technology enables fast data capture, so the scanner is virtually immune to the effects of vibrations, temperature or changes in ambient light. 

With a wide range of measurement field setting options, BLAZE 600M maintains accuracy even over larger areas to reduce inspection times and drive productivity. The scanner’s various data acquisition modes ensure better performance for feature measurement and point cloud digitisation, higher 3D meshing quality and improved material acceptance. BLAZE 600M is the only solution with stereovision and structured light technologies combined in a single, easy-to-operate system. These complementary technologies enable users to select working modes optimised for the application, whether it is dimensional measurement and 3D modelling or reverse engineering to CAD.

BLAZE 600M requires just a small power supply unit and a laptop and it’s ready to go. The entire system fits in a single flight case, no special tools are required for setup and there is no need to spray or powder measured objects, so the system can be measuring within minutes.
High-Resolution Cameras 
Three high-resolution, high-data rate cameras provide detailed digital image capture, while integrated 2D and 3D technologies ensure accurate image analysis and edge detection for exact surface and feature inspection.

Rapid Data Capture
BLAZE 600M’s rapid data capture technology with short wavelength blue light illumination ensures low sensitivity to shop-floor vibrations and offers image clarity for accurate results even in variable ambient lighting conditions and temperatures.

Various Measurement Field Size Options
The BLAZE 600M non-contact sensor head is available in a range of measurement field sizes and maintains accurate performance even on larger inspection areas to maximise productivity.

Multiple Data Acquisition and Processing Modes
BLAZE 600M combines several data acquisition methods that enable you to configure the scanner for repeatability and accuracy in each task, while 2D images and 3D models are processed to provide best-in-class dimensional measurement results.

Enhanced Projection Technology
BLAZE 600M’s enhanced projection technology ensures better dimensional measurement performance and point cloud data capture even on shiny or dark surfaces, while high-quality 3D meshing supports reverse engineering applications.

All-In-One Design
The ergonomically-designed BLAZE 600M scanner offers you portability for use all around the shop floor and allows easy solo operation to maximise resource utilisation.

No Surface Treatment Required
The BLAZE 600M optical digitisation system is effective on shiny, black and composite material parts without surface treatment, saving you time and effort.


  • 3 x 12.0 megapixel high data rate digital cameras designed for industrial applications and optimised for metrology
  • Optical components are protected by a temperature-stable rigid housing

Projection and 3D Reconstruction Technology

  • Rapid shot stereovision technology
  • Advanced pattern projection options: Dynamic Slide or Digital Light Processing (DLP) projection configurations are available
  • Integrated 2D and 3D technologies using image analysis and edge detection engines for fast and accurate surface and feature measurement


Reliable and durable LED-based high-power illumination

Measuring Field Size Options
240 x 190 mm / 9.4 x 7.5 in
Depth of field 60 mm / 2.4 in

570 x 430 mm / 22.4 x 16.9 in
Depth of field 220 mm / 8.7 in

710 x 530 mm / 28.0 x 20.9 in
Depth of field 300 mm / 11.8 in

Additional measurement field options are available.

 Optimal working distance 800 mm / 31.5 in
 Point cloud spacing From 0.06 mm
 Dimensions and Weight 
 BLAZE 600M optical head [WxHxD] 528 x 296 x 366 mm / 20.8 x 11.7 x 14.4 in
 Power supply [WxHxD] 350 x 65 x 136 mm / 13.8 x 2.6 x 5.4 in
 Weight 12 kg / 26.5 lb
 Electrical Compatibility 
 Voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
 Power 0.7 kW – at peak consumption
 Working Environment Conditions 
 Operating temperature 5-35 °C / 41-95 °F (limited by PC/laptop specification, can be enhanced with cooling systems)
 Operating lighting conditions Low sensitivity to industrial lighting, ambient light sources and indirect daylight
 Structure/facility vibrations Designed for operation in industrial environments with heavy machinery (stamping presses, CNC, robotics etc.).

Periodic System Certification
On site yearly calibration and certification to traceable artefacts

 Computer Software 
 Operating System Windows 7 64-bit
 Computing platform 64-bit laptop or desktop
 System software CoreView™ by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Certifications and Standards
VDI/VDE 2634 Part 3 standard for optical measurement systems
Traceability to NIST metrology standard instruments
ISO 9001:2000

The BLAZE 600M sensor and supporting CoreView software suite are based on innovative and unique technology developed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. These products are protected by multiple approved patents and other patent-pending technologies.


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