The Versatile High-Performance Automated Optical 3D Measurement System
BLAZE 600A is a 3D optical measurement system that uses blue light scanning technology to deliver fast yet accurate dimensional measurement for your production floor. Compatible with any industrial robot, the system can fully-automate high-density point cloud data capture for applications from dimensional inspection for quality assurance through to reverse engineering.

Based on high-speed, non-contact 3D scanning technology, BLAZE 600A delivers rapid data acquisition through a combination of high-resolution digital imaging and advanced projection technologies. The sensor’s large measurement field enables you to efficiently digitise workpieces, using fewer images to capture the same amount of high-accuracy data, while multiple features can be measured in one image to save time and simplify the measurement process. BLAZE 600A requires a maximum of one operator and supports fully-automated operations for maximum throughput. The system can scan almost any surface material without pre-treatment, so preparation time is minimal and there is no risk of damage to the part.

BLAZE 600A is optimised for shop-floor measurement, enabling you to reduce the time spent moving workpieces from the production area to the quality room for inspection. Offering almost complete immunity to environmental factors such as vibration and changes in ambient light, BLAZE 600A delivers accurate surface and feature data even in changeable workshop conditions. The robust system has been engineered specifically for tough working environments, so all optical components are protected by a rigid, temperature-stable housing.

Offering a choice of measurement field sizes, multiple data acquisition modes and two projection configuration options, BLAZE 600A is easily adapted to almost any inspection task, making it a single-system solution for accurate 3D optical data capture throughout the production process.
Accuracy with Repeatability
Advanced metrology optics enable BLAZE 600A to deliver ultra-high accuracy and repeatability, significantly outperforming earlier-generation systems.

High Frame Rate
The frame rate of BLAZE 600A’s 12-megapixel CMOS cameras is faster than other common sensor technologies, providing sharper, more accurate images to minimise the number of retakes and keep your process moving.

Advanced Feature Measurement 
Integrated 3D point cloud mapping and 2D technologies enable BLAZE 600A to quickly capture both surface and feature data, while image analysis and edge detection engines provide accurate feature measurement and high 3D meshing quality, ideal for reverse engineering.

Digitise Without Surface Treatment
BLAZE 600A’s enhanced projection technology does not require surface preparation even on shiny, painted and reflective surfaces, black parts and composite materials, reducing manual tasks within the process.

Reliable Measurement on the Shop Floor
With BLAZE 600A, measurement can take place wherever it’s needed as the system’s fast data capture provides near-total immunity to the effects of vibrations from industrial machinery or changes in ambient light, whether from natural or artificial sources.

Robust Construction 
To minimise downtime and maintenance costs, BLAZE 600A’s high-data-rate cameras, projector unit, optical components and electronics are optimised for the demands of shop-floor measurement. The system’s optical components are also protected by a temperature-stable housing. 

Real-Time Results
BLAZE 600A supports analysis when and where problems occur, so accurate real-world data can be used to design and budget for process modifications. CoreView Pro metrology software and other optional offline analytic tools enable communication of relevant real-time results to managers and engineers, wherever they sit in the organisation.

Configuration Flexibility
BLAZE 600A is available in two projection configurations: Dynamic Slide or Digital Light Processing (DLP) and with a choice of measurement fields. A unique combination of stereovision and structured light technologies offers selectable working modes, so you can select the right setup for the application. 

Production Integration
BLAZE 600A is compatible with all common industrial robots, sliders, rotary tables and other part-handling technologies, so you can build a cell to support the needs of your production cycle.
Technical Data

  • 3 x 12.0-megapixel high-data-rate digital cameras designed for industrial applications
  • Optical components are protected by a temperature-stable rigid housing

Projection and 3D Reconstruction Technology

  • Rapid stereovision technology
  • Advanced pattern projection options: Dynamic Slide and Digital Light Processing (DLP) projection configuration are available
  • Integrated 2D and 3D technologies using image analysis and edge detection engines  for fast and accurate surface and features measurement

Reliable and durable LED-based high-power illumination

Measuring Field Size Options
240 x 190 mm / 9.4 x 7.5 in
Depth of field 60 mm / 2.4 in

570 x 430 mm / 22.4 x 16.9 in
Depth of field 220 mm / 8.7 in

710 x 530 mm / 28.0 x 20.9 in
Depth of field 300 mm / 11.8 in

Optimal working distance  800 mm / 31.5 in
Point cloud spacing From  0.06 mm 

Dimensions and Weight
BLAZE 600 optical head  [WxHxD] 528 x 296 x 366 mm / 20.8 x 11.7 x 14.4 in
Power supply  [WxHxD] 350 x 65 x 136 mm / 13.8 x 2.6 x 5.4 in
Weight  13 kg / 28.6 lb

Electrical Compatibility
Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Average consumption 100 W or less
0.7 kW – at peak consumption

Working Environment Conditions
Operating temperature 5-35 °C / 41-95 °F (limited by PC specification, can be enhanced with cooling systems)
Operating lighting conditions  Low sensitivity to industrial lighting, ambient light sources and indirect daylight
Structure/facility vibrations  Designed for operation in industrial environment with heavy machinery (stamping press, CNC, robotics, etc).

Periodic System Certification
On site, yearly calibration and certification to traceable artefacts

Computer and Software
Operating system  Windows 7 64-bit
Computing platform  64-bit desktop
System software  CoreView™ by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Certifications and Standards
VDI/VDE 2634 Part 3 standard for optical measurement systems
Traceability to NIST metrology standard instrument
ISO 9001:2000

The BLAZE 600 sensor and supporting CoreView software suite is based on innovative and unique technology developed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. These products are protected by multiple approved patents and other patent-pending technologies.


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