Cost-effective laser scanning for the Absolute Arm

The RS5 Laser Scanner is a removable 3D scanner designed for use with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis. It delivers high-speed 3D scanning for surfaces and features on a wide range of finishes and materials without the larger investment demanded by our flagship RS6 Laser Scanner. The RS5 boasts a wide and horizontally-oriented laser scan line and fully-automatic exposure settings, making general purpose scanning functionality simple to apply whatever your application.

Retaining the trademark flexibility of this Absolute Arm range, the RS5 can be easily removed from the Absolute Arm, allowing simpler and safer access to touch probing functionality in hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to its innovative repeatable mounting, it can then be remounted with no need for recalibration – just clip it back in place and continue scanning immediately. And with no tricky settings that impose productivity limitations to deliver peak accuracy, the RS5 Laser Scanner continues the established approach of Absolute Arm laser scanners – full performance at all times, no need to compromise speed for accuracy or accuracy for speed.

This high-performance 3D scanner is straight-forward to operate, incredibly versatile and capable of delivering accurate and reliable measurement data quickly. In combination with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis, it represents an affordable laser scanning proposition that is perfectly targeted at less challenging applications for which a premium sensor like the RS6 Laser Scanner would be unwarranted.

Combines non-contact and tactile measurement
The HP-L-8.9 laser scanner and touch probes can be swapped on the fly with scan data and probe measurements saved in the same software session, so users always have the right measurement tool available for the job.

Automatic repeatable sensor recognition
The HP-L-8.9 laser scanner is instantly detected by the Absolute Arm’s intelligent and totally repeatable probe recognition system, enabling operators to switch between touch probes and the HP-L-8.9 without performing any calibrations.

Integrated range finder
A built-in range finder makes it easy to find the correct distance between the sensor and the surface being measured, minimising training requirements and ensuring that equipment operators are productive in the shortest possible time.

Long stand-off distance
With a 90 mm stand-off distance, the HP-L-8.9 laser scanner is ideal for measuring recesses and cavities that are difficult to access and measure accurately using tactile probing methods.

Scans even challenging surface types
Non-contact inspection enables accurate measurement of complex shapes and malleable or fragile surfaces. The proven laser scanning technology of the HP-L-8.9 can also scan surfaces that are typically difficult for scanners, like carbon fibre or black leather, with no surface preparation required.

No markers required
Thanks to the absolute encoders of the Absolute Arm, reference markers are not required prior to measurement. Simply mount the system, and you are ready to measure.

Compatible with all major portable scanning software
The HP-L-8.9 is compatible with all the major software packages supported by the Absolute Arm range, ensuring that it can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems without the need for user training on additional software packages.


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