Optimum Process Control in Series Production

Leitz SIRIO coordinate measuring machines have a long tradition of high-end technology in production metrology. The genes inherited by the youngest member of the SIRIO family have all the ingredients for a special mission: to raise metrology in the manufacturing environment to a new level.

The Leitz SIRIO Xi is the perfect solution for the shop floor. It is able to achieve what is important here: Maximum throughput with high levels of precision. It excels with maximum efficiency and processing speed as well as a forward-looking technological configuration as part of the industry of the future.

In short: The Leitz SIRIO Xi focuses on what is essential in order to provide maximum support for production process control.

Measuring machines from the Leitz SIRIO range are also used as gear inspection centres. All types of gears can be measured very quickly and with a high degree of precision using these machines. Gear cutting tools such as hob cutters, broaches, shaper cutters and shaving gears can also be measured on the Leitz SIRIO Xi.

Using a Leitz SIRIO Xi coordinate measuring machine as a gear checker offers several advantages in comparison with a conventional gear checker:
  • There is much more flexibility, as not only gears and cutting tools, but also almost all workpieces and geometries can be measured with great accuracy
  • The Leitz gear checker represents maximum throughput with minimal checking costs.
  • Complete inspection of gears on long shafts up to 2400 mm
  • Leitz SIRIO Xi coordinate measuring machines / gear checkers measure all features and references as specified on the drawing, even in large internal gears
  • The Leitz SIRIO Xi is a four-axes gear checker with vertically configured sleeve and infinitely positionable rotary table
  • High-resolution steel scales by Heidenhain with automatic temperature compensation
  • Power transmission by precision recirculating ball screw drives
  • All structural components made of cast iron, no aluminium
  • Robust construction and high level of reliability
  • Short maintenance times and long maintenance intervals
  • High uptimes and low life-cycle costs
  • Uncomplicated assembly and short set-up times
LSP-S10 probe head

With probe extensions of up to 400 mm, the LSP-S10 variable high-speed scanning probe head allows the measurement of features inside a workpiece. Thanks to its integrated automatic weight balance, the probe head can carry styli configurations weighing up to 500 g. The LSP-S10 is the ideal probe head for the shop floor.

Probing deflections are measured via high-resolution Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDT). The LSP-S10 supports all the standard probing modes such as single point probing, self-centring and variable high-speed scanning for fast and accurate form and profile measurements.

Like all other Leitz probe heads, the LSP-S10 provides simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axes, always perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. This allows the correct compensation of any styli deflection.

ModelX stroke [mm]Y stroke [mm]Z stroke [mm]

Gear inspection

Cylindrical gears:

  • Spur, helical and double helical gears, splines (internal and external)
  • Clutch gears (internal and external)
  • Gear segments (minimum no of teeth: 1)
  • Gear racks

Bevel gears:

  • Straight and spiral bevel gears, hypoid bevel gears, crown gears

Available interfaces:

  • Gleason GAGE 4/WIN; Klingelnberg KIMOS, bevel gear chain from the University of Aachen

Evaluation standards:

 Data for gear inspection with Leitz SIRIO Xi SIRIO Xi 6.8.8
 Module range [mm] 0.5 – 100 (smaller modules on request)
 Min. outer gear diameter [mm] 10
 Max. outer gear diameter [mm] 600
 Max. gear width [mm] 800

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