DEA MERCURY FX: Upgrade Your Horizontal Arm for Smarter Manufacturing

The DEA MERCURY FX is a horizontal arm coordinate measuring machine (CMM) upgrade solution that uses existing infrastructure to simplify the installation of the latest, productivity-enhancing measurement systems.

The DEA MERCURY FX is the ideal solution for horizontal arm users that want to leverage their current assets when adopting new measurement technologies. Designed to be fitted onto an existing horizontal arm CMM base table, even if it is a non-Hexagon system, the DEA MERCURY FX offers all the long-term performance advantages of a new CMM system, while minimising disruption to busy workplaces during installation.

The DEA MERCURY FX combines mechanical accuracy with high repeatability and its open architecture, robust mechanical frame and automatic axis motion make it ideal for loading and unloading even the heaviest medium, large and very large parts. Versatile, the DEA MERCURY FX offers a choice between using tactile sensors, non-contact scanners or taking a multisensor approach. And because it operates the latest metrology software, including Hexagon’s PC-DMIS, it enables companies to better capture, analyse and make efficient use of metrology data.

Choose from three versions:

Installation Versatility

The DEA MERCURY FX can be installed on existing steel, cast iron or granite base tables from a wide range of horizontal arm manufacturers.

Compatible with Hexagon Software and Sensors The DEA MERCURY FX is compatible with Hexagon’s tactile, non-contact sensors and multisensor systems, as well as Hexagon’s metrology software, which optimise horizontal arm performance and usage.

Robust and repeatable

The DEA MERCURY FX combines mechanical accuracy with high repeatability, a robust mechanical frame and automatic axis motion to measure even the heaviest medium, large and very large parts.
The DEA MERCURY FX CMM is compatible with Hexagon’s controllers, which enhance application flexibility and support a multisensor system operating a full range of tactile and non-contact sensors. The RC line of controllers best supports retrofits and the DC800 controller is designed for new installations.

HP-L Laser Sensor

HP-L laser scanners turn the DEA MERCURY FX into a multisensor CMM that combines traditional tactile probing with optical scanning. The HP-L.5.8’s compact form makes it suitable for creating point clouds where workpiece accessibility is restricted. The HP-L-10.6 uses Flying-Dot Technology to generate point clouds of high quality and reliability.

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