DEA BRAVO Console - Compact, Flexible, Robust

The DEA BRAVO Console line is a technically advanced and cost-effective solution for flexible and accurate dimensional inspection of thin-walled components, ideal for mid-size parts in industrial environments.

The guideways located on the side of the machine base (Console architecture) allow the arm to be moved fully outside of the working area. For optimal access to the work area and simple part loading/unloading operations.
The cast iron machine table features the exclusive three-point support system, which eliminates the need for costly dedicated foundations, and makes the installation on vibration dampers easier.

Just like the HP and HD series, the DEA BRAVO Console line is fully made of steel, ensuring high structural stability in all environments.

Two versions are available: DEA BRAVO C and DEA BRAVO C HS (High Speed).

Main Features:
  • Rigid ram with 80 x 100 mm section
  • Axes slide on high-accuracy recirculating ball pads
  • Innovative adjustable slack-free arm counterbalance system
  • Linear optical scales with 0.5 μm resolution
  • Compatibility with HH-ACW-43MW continuous wrist (compressed air is required); efficient control of non-contact sensors and probes extensions up to 570 mm
  • Isostatic three-point support system only for X stroke = 3000 mm
  • Protection bellows on the X and Y axes (available as an option)
  • Axis motion with sturdy reliable motors coupled with rack & pinion systems for the X axis and timing belts on the Y and Z axes
  • Work plate made in cast iron, available as options with tapered M8 x 1.25 holes patter, T-slot, high load bearing capacity and FIVE U-nique plane


X stroke

Y stroke

Z stroke

Accuracy [µm]





MPEE = from 20 + 12 L/1000





MPEE = from 23 + 12 L/1000





MPEE = from 23 + 14 L/1000





MPEE = from 23 + 17 L/1000


DEA BRAVO Console line standard X axis measuring strokes: 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 mm. The DEA BRAVO Console line is available in single arm configuration. Double arm configuration on request.


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