Turnkey Automated Inspection Powered by AICON Scanner Technology
The first steps into the world of smart manufacturing are now simpler than ever with the PartInspect L, a modular robotic inspection cell concept designed to make high-speed, high-accuracy measurement on the shop floor easier than ever.

Based on the scanning technology of the AICON StereoScan neo or the AICON PrimeScan, the PartInspect L merges a powerful robot arm with premium structured-light scanning technology to deliver an unmatched level of quality control reporting directly on the shop floor, with minimal operator training required.

PartInspect-L_Part-inside-with-scanWith its built-in touchscreen kiosk interface, PartInspect L is straightforward for sharp-end operators, who are able to quickly select from and launch any preinstalled robot programs and subsequently view inspection reports immediately following the measurement process. And with in-process planning functionality as standard, downtime is massively reduced, allowing for near constant active measurement time if required.

Whether installed at-line, near-line or offline, the PartInspect L is a perfect solution for automated part measurement – simply plan, measure, report.

DPA Online

All PartInspect L configurations can be easily augmented with a photogrammetry referencing system thanks to the specially designed DPA Online system. A hardware and software solution, DPA Online sees photogrammetric analysis fully integrated within the measurement program workflow, with customised robot programs provided for each configuration. The addition of DPA Online strengthens the measurement geometry of the PartInspect L system and guarantees accuracy to within 50 microns throughout the entire measurement volume. Available at time of purchase or as a future upgrade, the DPA Online system involves mounting a high-resolution camera unit alongside the PartInspect L scanner and is aimed particularly at users with challenging part applications, such as the measurement of flat, thin or very large objects.
High-End Scanning
All available PartInspect L configurations are based on the premium scanning technology of the AICON StereoScan neo and AICON PrimeScan, which deliver fast measurement without compromising on accuracy.

PartInspect-L_TouchscreenSimplified Scan Planning
The OfflineProgramming software tool built into the PartInspect L system brings an easy-to-learn interface to scan planning, and includes the ability to plan while another program is in process, either close to the cell or another remote workstation, significantly reducing downtime between programs.

Simplified Scan Control
The built-in touchscreen kiosk ‘one-button’ interface of the PartInspect L allows for choosing and launching predefined measurement programs, as well as result overview immediately following measurement.

Turnkey Flexibility
The modular hardware concept behind the PartInspect L allows it to be quickly installed and customised for differing needs – roofless configuration is standard for easy loading of large parts, but a roofed option is an ideal alternative for measurement under challenging environmental conditions.

PartInspect-L_Part-insideEasy Operation
The key operational functionalities of the PartInspect L have been designed to require no expert knowledge of robot teaching so as to deliver a system of simple automated measurement that can be operated with minimal training.

Large Loadouts
The extra-wide entrance of the PartInspect L cell is able to easily accommodate parts up to 1.5 metres in height and diameter, while the system turntable can handle loads up to 2000 kilograms, making the system ideal for the fast measurement of large parts.

Shop-Floor Design
Designed to be used directly in the workshop at the point of production, the PartInspect L is completely at-line or near-line capable, as well as being suitable for completely offline installation.

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