The Turnkey Automated Cell Solution for 3D Optical Measurement
Combining high-tech automation components with leading 3D optical measurement technology, the 360° Cell is a turnkey solution for fully-automated inspection operations. Its modular construction makes installation quick and easy, removing the complexity of customised automated solutions.

The 360° Cell continuously collects and processes comprehensive data sets during production, providing the foundation of an agile, data-driven approach to manufacturing. By capturing more data in less time compared to traditional measurement methods, manufacturers can better understand and substantially improve production quality by making fast decisions based on real world operational data. 

Designed to deliver the best possible equipment utilisation and ensure optimal performance of Hexagon’s 3D optical measurement systems, the 360º Cell incorporates software that allows for automated planning and programming of detailed measurement programs. The default dual-turntable configuration enables a part to be measured on one turntable while the other is loaded or unloaded, so the cell supports 100% equipment utilisation. The 360° Cell is also capable of 24/7 measurement, delivering exceptionally high throughput to support your inspection and data capture requirements. 

Compatible with several optical measurement solutions, the 360º Cell digitises full surfaces, geometric features, and edges, and produces high-quality 3D model outputs. The sensor technology offers near-total immunity from the effects of vibrations, humidity and changes in temperature or ambient light, so the 360º Cell is as effective installed on the shop-floor as in the measuring room. Part preparation is not required, so operators can simply load the turntables and allow the system to measure. The 360° Cell complies with the local and regional safety standards in effect in major manufacturing markets, as well as with all EU-standards and regulations. Access to the cell is controlled by a double door and security lock, while the space between the workstation and the robot uses an electronic barrier to ensure operator safety.

The 360° Cell’s advanced sensor technology, automation components and safety features provide a complete turnkey solution to safely deploy automated 3D measurement and maximise equipment utilisation.
Easy Installation
As a turnkey solution requiring only standard electrical connections, the 360° Cell is easy to install and almost immediately ready for operation. 

Modular Design
The 360° Cell works with several types of robotic system and supports a wide variety of production-oriented applications to the requirements you set.

Unmatched support for existing and new fixturing, including low-cost and simple fixtures, keeps the cost of checking fixtures down and reduces sampling per tryout event. The 360° Cell also enables inspection points to be changed without additional tooling investment.

Reduced Operating Costs
The 360° Cell can achieve maximum utilisation with just a single system supervisor, reducing training and operating costs and freeing up resource for other shop-floor tasks.

Shop-floor Performance
The sensors used in the 360° Cell offer near-total immunity to the effects of temperature fluctuations and changes in lighting conditions, and the system also delivers reliable results on the shop-floor without the need for anti-vibration devices. 

Access Control and Operator Safety
To allow safe manual loading of parts, the 360° Cell features a double door, security lock and electronic controls to provide a safe working area around the robot. The cell also has an emergency stop, access request button, reset button, four positioning buttons and visual indicator lights to give personnel an at-a-glance view of the cell status. 

Conforms to Safety Standards
The 360° Cell complies with the local and regional safety standards in effect in major manufacturing markets, as well as with all EU-standards and regulations.

Built In-House by Automation Experts
All major components, including the walls, turntable and cabinets are designed and produced by Hexagon, leveraging years of experience in the engineering and integration of automated solutions for manufacturing process and quality control.
Robot Configuration

Fanuc M20iA
  • Robot reach: 1811 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 20 kg
  • Robot axis: 6
Fanuc M710iC/50
  • Robot reach: 2050 mm 
  • Maximum load capacity: 50 kg 
  • Robot axis: 6
Fanuc R-2000IC/165F
  • Robot reach: 2655 mm 
  • Maximum load capacity: 165 kg 
  • Robot axis: 6
Technical Components

Rotary Table
  • Designed and manufactured by Hexagon 
  • Rigid mechanical structure combined with quality drive elements
  • Work load capabilities up to 2 TN
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • External Servo Drive control
  • Flexible positioning
  • Excellent reliability and long life due to meticulous design and construction
  • Low maintenance costs and power consumption
Robot Raiser
  • Robust and stable design
Safety Sensors

Light Curtains
  • Manufacturer: SICK 
  • Model: deTec Series
Safety Laser Scanner
  • Manufacturer: SICK
  • Model: microScan Series
  • Manufacturer: Euchner
  • Model: MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box)
  • Equipped with four buttons for rotary table control
Optional Verification Cameras (Poka-Yoke)
Part verification – verifying that the physical loaded parts correlate with the correct measurement program
  • Modular enclosure with standard panels
  • Panoramic visibility inside the cell
  • Sturdy construction
  • Contemporary design
  • High visibility
  • Safety protection
  • Design and manufactured by Hexagon
  • All cell components, including safety features, measurement central processing unit and robot control, are controlled from the cabinet 
PLC Controller
Model: Siemens ET200S

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