The world’s first large-scale handheld 3D laser scanner

The new Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-XL is a handheld laser scanner designed to meet the needs of emerging 3D scanning applications for which higher productivity is the priority. Working in conjunction with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 range of high-end laser trackers, the LAS-XL opens the door to previously infeasible large-scale 3D digitisation tasks.

LAS-XL_inside train_StadlerIn a world of CAE and precision manufacturing, detailed digital modelling of components and pieces is more and more in demand. For parts that are larger and less feature-dense, traditional laser scanning methods present a massive productivity challenge to this requirement, with full digitisation and CAD modelling often becoming an unnecessarily time-consuming process.

The LAS-XL rethinks portable laser scanning by significantly increasing available 3D scanning area. A scan line of up to 600 millimetres wide delivers considerable productivity improvements, with scanning process times now up to three times faster. Hidden-feature access is transformed by an up to 1000 millimetre stand-off, making digitising deep cavity features easier than ever before while also improving access to difficult to reach measurement surfaces without repositioning of the laser tracker. These improvements are achieved while retaining metrological accuracy to within just 150 microns, an accuracy level ideal for less complex surfaces and pieces.

The LAS-XL also delivers all the well-established features familiar to the Leica Absolute Scanner range, from the revolutionary flying dot scanning concept and automatic exposure control to automatic scanner recognition and simple scan profile selection.

Large-scale, high-productivity, laser scanning and three-dimensional digitisation has never before been achievable within an easy-to-use package. It is now with the Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-XL.

Super-Wide Scan Line
Never-before-seen measurement scan-line width of up to 600 millimetres makes the full digitisation of large surfaces faster and easier than ever before.

Extra-Large Stand-Off

Unprecedented measurement stand-off of up to 1000 millimetres delivers excellent access to hard to reach hidden measurement areas, opening up a new world of laser scanner applications that were previously out of reach.

Metrological Accuracy

With accuracy retained to within 300 microns, the LAS-XL is the perfect tool for digitising the larger, less complex surfaces that would typically demand infeasible measurement process times for a laser scanner.

Multi-Surface Capability

Multiple materials and finishes scannable within a single pass with no settings changes using Hexagon’s well-established flying-dot scanning technology that automatically adjusts laser intensity.

Battery Powered Portability
With the optional battery power configuration, the LAS-XL requires just a single network cable, offering complete portability for laser scanner measurements on the move.

Self-Identifying Sensor
The LAS-XL laser scanner is automatically recognised by the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, allowing quick changes between 3D scanning, probing and reflector measurement.

On-Scanner Profile Selection
Customisable pre-set scanning modes selectable from the body of the scanner, giving access to the right measurement profile at the right time without software adjustments.

Multisensory feedback
Haptic, acoustic and visual feedback to guide you to the optimum measurement position with the minimum of training.

Robust IP50-rated design
Designed for durability in tough shop floor and workshop conditions, the IP50 ingress protection rating of the LAS-XL means laser scanning is ready to go wherever it’s needed.

RDS software interface

Based on the proven RDS software interface that is the foundation of the Hexagon range of portable measuring arms, for full expert confidence when it comes to system checks, compensation and certifications.

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