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HP-L laser scanners deliver maximum performance for complex surfaces and workpieces made of materials that are difficult to measure. These flexible laser scanners turn every coordinate measuring machine (CMM) into an optical multisensor system. The main applications include checking the features and characteristics of sheet metal parts, and measuring freeform surfaces of castings or other components in the automotive and aerospace industries.

HP-L uses Flying-Dot Technology, providing an excellent optical dynamic range that is superior to conventional line scanners as the light intensity is automatically adjusted for point by point. This means that HP-L laser scanners are less sensitive to ambient light and surface changes, and generate point clouds of high quality and reliability. In addition, the line width can be varied from 24 mm to 124 mm as required. The point-to-point distance varies depending on the chosen line width.

Equipped with HP-L laser scanners, CMMs turn into multisensor machines, performing even the most challenging measurement applications by combining traditional tactile probing with optical measurements such as surface capture or optical feature measurement – all in one part program. 

HP-L laser scanners fully conform to the latest ISO 10360-8:2013 standard. The measurements rely on traceable sphere and plane artefacts. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence also supplies the necessary artefacts – certified by an accredited laboratory – for on-site verification of sensor results, to provide the highest confidence in optical probing.
Automatic Identification of Features Out of the Point Cloud in PC-DMIS CAD++
Feature extraction using PC-DMIS CAD++ software allows a combination of tactile measurements with automated feature measurements from the cloud of points captured with HP-L. 

High-Quality Point-Cloud Data 
Real-time laser power control automatically adjusts the light intensity; this unique technology allows the laser intensity to be optimised 10 times during measurement of every single point.

Reliable Measurement of Complex Surfaces
HP-L scanners are suitable for measuring almost any material, including machined, semi-finished, stamped, forged, cast, painted metals, sand cores, carbon fibre, plastics, clay, rubber, wood and ceramics.

Fully Compatible with Probe Changers for Multisensor Measurement
A multisensor CMM combines high-accuracy probing with non-contact measurements. Changes within the process, such as powder spraying or part loading and unloading are no longer necessary.

Variable Optical Resolution and User-Selectable Line Length 

Perfect for quick surface inspection of large areas or measurement of small isolated features, HP-L offers a real zoom feature by varying the spaces between the individual dots, not just clipping the line on each end.

HP-L-Contactless-and-Fast-Tube-MeasurementsContactless and Fast Tube Measurements
The market for tube bending is becoming more and more demanding. Tube inspection is no longer simply about comparison of intersection points between straights.
HP-L delivers a high-density point cloud and also reveals shape imperfections against the CAD model by scanning the cylindrical surface of the tube. The user is able to analyse tube shape deviations on the cross-sections at any specific location of a tube.

With the HP-L laser scanner, the inspection on the CMM can be performed in automatic mode.

Measurement of Unmachined CrankshaftsHP-L-Measurement-of-Unmachined-Crankshafts
In the past, unmachined crankshafts have been measured with sometimes more than 500 tactile measurement points. With the contactless solution, the HP-L laser scanner captures the shaft with the help of a specific part program, resulting in a coloured report that arrives at the customer combined with the unmachined crankshaft.

The customer now has a much broader view on the quality of its parts, as they are now able to compare results from all over the surface, not just single points. The time-saving with the HP-L laser scanner is more than 40%.

HP-L-Trimmed-Edges-on-Sheet-Metal-PartsTrimmed Edges on Sheet Metal Parts
The trimmed edges of most sheet metal parts are analysed with the help of measurements made by touch probes. In a predefined distance, depending on the workpiece, the probe collects points on the edges. For larger parts, this results in an enormous amount of measurement points. 

The HP-L laser scanner only captures one single scanning-path over the edge. The points can be extracted afterwards.

In some cases, companies need to take 300 tactile measurement points, resulting in a process time of 1 hour and 10 minutes. With the HP-L laser scanner, this now takes only 15 minutes.

Laser Protection Class2 (IEC 60825-1: 2007)
 LaserVisibly red, (690 nm) 
Standoff and depth (Z)170 +/- 30 mm
 Measuring accuracy ISO 10360-8:2013*
(GLOBAL CMM except GLOBAL eXtra)
PForm.Sph.D95%:Tr:ODS (MPL)
Probe dispersion value
34 μm
PForm.Sph.1×25:Tr:ODS (MPE)
Probing form error
22 µm
Lines per second (max.)53 Hz
Data rate (max.)30 000 pts/sec
Ambient light of the sensor40 000 lx
Operating temperature+5 to +45°C (41 to 113° F)
Declared accuracy temperature range+15 to +32 °C (59 to 90° F)
Relative humidity90% non-condensing
Sensor Size L x W x H134x72x60 (98) mm (HP-L-10.6T)
134x72x60 (87) mm (HP-L-10.6A)
Weight379 g (HP-L-10.6T)
360 g (HP-L-10.6A)
Power SupplyDC 18 to 28 V, 170 to 200 mA, protected against polarity reversal
Protection against dust and waterIP64 (IEC 60529) (except for warm-up connection)
Storage temperature-25 to +70 °C (-13 to 158° F)

*Values are including expanded measurement uncertainty according ISO/TS 17865:2016. Measured using a manufacturer supplied sphere and plane artefact, each certified by an independent accredited lab.

Accuracy Specification
The specification of the accuracy of the sensor complies with the standard ISO 10360-8:2013. Other standards (ISO 10360-2 or ISO 10360-5) that were occasionally used before the introduction of ISO 10360-8:2013 are now obsolete for this purpose. Their significance on the optical measurement is too low; the values thus obtained were not tailored to an optical measuring system. If desired, an individual report can be created for each HP-L sensor according to the current ISO-10360-8: 2013 standard. The measurement for creating the report is based on certified artefacts (sphere and plane). This ensures that the functionality of the sensor can be checked at any time. Contact a local Hexagon representative for more information.


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