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Filling the gap in critical monitoring

RockSpot is an innovative radar system able to locate, track and alert on rockfalls, avalanches and debris flows in real time. This small yet powerful radar picks up tiny falling rocks at great distances long before the human eye can see them. RockSpot is the industry’s first end-to-end solution able to trigger alerts on rockfalls and other collapse events, filling the gap in critical monitoring. Each single rockfall event is detected in real time and immediate alerts issued to geotechs and working crews.

All rockfall statistics are recorded in a database, making it possible to analyse each event and to create a proper risk zonation map. Enabling earlier warning, RockSpot significantly increases protection of lives and assets across various sites, taking safety to the next level.

RockSpot never sleeps and monitors for night and day. Real-time alerts can be customised for each sector, thanks to an advanced algorithm that distinguishes rock movements from other moving objects (such as haul trucks, animals and people). Depending on the requirements, RockSpot can be connected to on-site alarms, such as sirens, automatic road closures or other alert devices. For maximum effectiveness, all processing is performed on-site. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, its simple and compact design allows you to install the system everywhere!



  • Real-time streaming

    Built-in camera that provides streaming video of the monitored area, visible for all connected users.

  • Low maintenance costs

    No moving parts with a clean design, significantly lowering maintenance costs.

  • Automatic georeferencing

    Embedded GNSS ensures the automatic georeferencing of tracked rockfalls.

  • Operates in all weather conditions

    Immune to snow, dust and other environmental debris, RockSpot’s durable design enables it to operate in the harshest environments.

  • Powerful software

    All RockSpot systems are controlled by GeoCloud with the possibility to create multiple users with different levels of access.

  • Coverage + Resolution
    A single radar unit can cover an entire wall with high resolution, the coverage can double, with another sensor within the same configuration.

Users can access RockSpot data from the innovative GeoCloud platform, a web-based application. Optimised for mobile devices, GeoCloud gives you immediate access to all important data relative to the events. All slope movements are georeferenced and overlaid on site map.

To complete the information, an integrated livestreaming camera provides continuous imagery of the monitored area. The radar map is available in GeoCloud along with all the relevant statistics. GeoCloud will even send user-customised alerts and notifications via email or SMS.


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