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Remote static and dynamic monitoring with an accelerometer to mitigate large external vibrations.

An advanced microwave interferometry based system for remote static and dynamic monitoring, IBIS-FS Plus inferometric radar is used on bridges and other structures including buildings, historical monuments and towers. An accelerometer version of IBIS-FS, this radar mitigates the effect of large external vibration sources on results.

In static, the IBIS-FS Plus is ideal for:

  • Structure load testing;
  • Structure displacement and collapse hazards;
  • Cultural heritage preservation.

In dynamic, the IBIS-FS Plus is best used for:

  • Structure resonance frequency measurements;
  • Structural modal shape analysis.

In either state, the IBIS-FS Plus features:

  • Remote sensing: Real-time remote sensing at up to 1 km with no need for equipment to be installed on the monitored structure.
  • Accurate measurements: Measures displacements of as little as 0.01mm @ 0.5km range. No standard instrument can achieve such accuracy.
  • Ground vibration removal: Built-in accelerometer to cancel the self-induced vibrations transmitted to the radar from the ground.
  • Sampling: Structural vibration sampling up to 200 Hz.
  • Always operational: Operates day and night and in all weather conditions.

Benefits of the IBIS-FS Plus include:

  • Accurate measurements even when the system is installed in places with large ground vibrations;
  • Increase structural health monitoring efficiency through the use of a non-invasive vibration monitoring technique;
  • Accurate and remote real-time monitoring of structural vibration and natural frequencies;
  • Reduces the time required for static or dynamic bridge structural testing to just a few minutes

Real-time software for monitoring
IBIS-FS Plus is equipped with the IBIS Surveyor acquisition software and the IBIS-FS Plus Viewer software for data analysis.

IBIS Surveyor
IBIS Surveyor is able to show in real time a power image of the monitored scenario, the displacement of the overall scenario, and the displacement of selected points in the scenario. Displacement accuracy can be within 0.01mm.

IBIS Surveyor includes a special tool for IBIS-FS Plus that enables acquisition of the built-in accelerometer’s data to correct for the ground vibrations transmitted via the system’s tripod.

The IBIS Surveyor software is specifically developed to process the raw files generated during measurement sessions by IBIS-FS  and IBIS FS Plus. The software is equipped with a complete set of features for the static and dynamic evaluation of the overall structural displacement.

Static information that can be obtained include:

  • Power image of the monitored scenario for the selection of specific points to be monitored
  • Temporal displacement histories of the selected measurement points belonging to the investigated scenario (bridges, dams, landslides, etc.).

Processing of IBIS-FS and IBIS-FS Plus data also includes basic dynamic structural analysis tools to identify the resonance frequencies and modal shapes of the monitored structures.

This information can lead to a complete Structural Health Monitoring system for a structure.

IBIS-FS Plus Viewer
IBIS-FS Plus Viewer is used for data analysis and correction of the ground vibrations transmitted to the system including Frequency Spectrum correction.


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