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The Eagle-Vision camera offers mining companies visual understanding of entire pits in minute detail, from a safe distance. High resolution images with panoramic coverage and photo-geocoding capabilities are available all in one integrated system.

Capture panoramic images of the entire pit with bench-scale resolution, thousands of meters from the slope. Eagle-Vison’s easy integration with IBIS Guardian slope monitoring analysis also allows easier understanding of mine wall stability.

Eagle-Vision enables:

  • High-resolution images,
  • Broad coverage for capturing the entire panorama of the pit walls,
  • Superior bench-scale details,
  • Designed for mining applications: top-edge performances, reliability and durability,
  • Live streaming of specific sectors of the wall.


  • Rugged hardware for any conditions.
  • High resolution images with bench-scale resolution.
  • Panoramic view with sub-bench zoom resolution.
  • Custom scheduling of panoramic photos at bench resolution.
  • Live streaming of critical areas of interest.
  • Full integration with IBIS Guardian software.
  • Photo-geocoding on DTM.

The Eagle-Vision camera is fully integrated in the IBIS Guardian software and allows easy and understandable visuals for faster and more thorough decision making. Monitoring specialists can quickly navigate to any part of a panoramic image and zoom in or out for more detail – in real-time. Images taken with the Eagle-Vision camera can be directly linked to Digital Terrain Models (DTM), supporting radar data analysis.

The Eagle-Vison offers users:

  • Picture gallery,
  • Multiple views,
  • Accurate correspondence between DTM cells and photo pixels,
  • View synchronisation (pointer),
  • Zoom function in images by clicking on a DTM cell.

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