Mobile Mapping Radars

RIS Hi-Pave

High speed GPR

A ground penetrating radar solution designed for high speed road assessment surveys,  RIS Hi-Pave is able to operate with several antennas at the same time.  The system provides a complete assessment of road conditions, such as:

  • Pavement thickness measurement;
  • Surface, base and sub-base road course assessment;
  • Detection of cavities, voids and delamination;
  • Location of cracks;
  • Detection of wet areas;
  • Airport runway condition assessment.

The RIS Hi-Pave features:

  • Horn Antennas: Achieve high speeds without damaging the antenna. Equipped with air launched horn antennas, these can be used without contact with the surface.
  • Speed: Hi-Pave is the fastest ground penetrating radar for road evaluation at three times the rate of the nearest radar in the market. It can reach up to 260 Km/h with a single antenna configuration and 10 cm data sampling or 130 km/h with a dual antenna configuration and 10 cm data sampling.
  • Semi-automatic procedure for layer recognition: The post processing software uses a semi-automatic procedure to collect information of road subsurface layers.
  • Modular: Hi-Pave can operate with up to eight antennas in a chain connection using the same control unit. This can also include lower frequency antennas (typically a 600 MHz* or a 400/900MHz dual frequency) for grade and subgrade evaluations.

Benefits of the RIS Hi-Pave include:

  • Pavement status evaluation for new road construction (comparing completed pavement, grade and sub grade against design specifications);
  • Periodical status monitoring of road and runaway conditions for preventive maintenance;
  • Minimise survey and processing time with high-speed GPR and semi-automatic layer detection
  • Flexible solution that can integrate up to eight GPR antennas;

GRED HD 3D – Advanced GPR processing and imaging software

An advanced processing software suite specifically designed for easy and efficient 3D interpretation of IDS GPR data, GRED HD 3D software includes special tools that allow easy and fast interpretation of a road’s structure, such as:

  • Automatic or manual layers insertion;
  • Core sample insertion for data calibration and thickness confirmation;
  • 2D and 3D tomography for an immediate visualisation of buried objects (e.g.: buried pipes and utilities, cavities etc.).
  • GRED HD 3D’s windows clearly show radar maps, different road layers, core samples and underground anomalies.

This post processing software allows simultaneous viewing of different radar maps and enables the sections to scroll automatically. The software can identify the various layers using both automatic and manual procedures. This defines the layer thickness that can be verified and confirmed by inserting core samples.The GPR data can be saved together with a GPS file to match a radar scan with absolute coordinates. The GPS positions can be easily loaded onto software such as Google Earth.


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