Crushing Strength Testing Machine for Iron Ore Pellets

Crushing Strength is the maximum compressive load at which an iron ore pellet is broken completely. Compressive load is applied on the pellet between two parallel platens at a consistent speed of 15 ± 5mm/min over the whole period. The testing machine is a geared machine of 10kN capacity with the capability to apply load at a uniform rate of 15 ± 5mm/minute. The machine is furnished with a 10kN load cell for the measurement of load, a Load indicator with facilities for displaying the load, for holding the displayed value at the peak load value & for automatically switching the machine off at the maximum or breaking load.

Brinell cum Rockwell Hardness Tester

Hardness is that the property of a material that permits it to resist plastic deformation usually by penetration. However, the term hardness may confer with resistance to bending, scratching, abrasion or cutting. There are various Hardness Testing Methods. Aimil Hardness Testing Machine is designed for conducting Brinell & Rockwell Hardness Tests on metallic materials, alloys of all types, hard or soft & of all shapes.

Fatigue Testing Machine

Fatigue is one among the main reasons for failure of the materials utilized in all engineering designs, hence it's important to understand fatigue properties of major materials before using them for actual application . Fatigue failure is a phenomenon in which a component fails due to repeated loading - load fluctuating between two extreme (maximum & minimum) values. There are various ways of application of repeated loadings

Pendulum Impact testing machine complete with lzod and Charpy strikers

Impact testers are designed to work out the strength of a sample under impact load. This information is vital as this strength determines the performance characteristics of the material under impact loading conditions. Interchangeable strikers, adjustable pendulum drop angle and simple to mount test specimens within the specimen holders, make Aimil Impact tester user friendly and measure the impact resistance of a variety of materials in both lzod and Charpy methods. The basic instrument for conducting both the test methods are same. However the attachements and mounting arrangements for these tests are specific to the tests.

Torsion Testing Machine

Torsion is the twisting of an object due to an applied torque & is hence expressed in Nm or lbf ft. Torsion Tests are done on materials to determine properties such as the modulus of elasticity in shear, the torsion yield strength & the modulus of rupture.

Universal Testing Machines (Computerised)

Aimil Universal Testing Machine is meant for testing metals under tension, compression, bending, transverse and shear load, both within the sort of test pieces and as finished product (optional). The load is applied by a hydrostatically lubricated ram. The cylinder in turns receives pressure from the facility pack. The load is transmitted to the test specimen and is displayed by a separately housed load indicator. The Universal Testing Machines are Computerised models. Models available: Universal Testing Machines (Computerised), Capacity 300kN (AIM-651-1), Universal Testing Machines (Computerised), Capacity 600kN (AIM-652-1), Universal Testing Machines (Computerised), Capacity 1000kN (AIM-653-1).

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