Sokkia DX-105AC Total Station

The Sokkia DX-105AC (5-Second) Motorized Total Station helps you take precise and accurate survey measurements in less time than ever before. The auto-pointing feature shortens the amount of time spent targeting the prism by enabling the Sokkia DX to automatically find the prism, while the exclusive MAGNET on-board software allows you to easily and confidently calculate complex survey and engineering functions.

Not only can you perform extremely reliable angle measurement with the groundbreaking advanced angle measurement system, you can even use Bluetooth wireless communication to connect an external data collector to the DX total station, turning the motorized surveying instrument into an economical robotic total station.


  • 5-second accuracy
  • 500 MB internal memory
  • 3,280 foot range
  • Long-range Bluetooth
  • Optical plummet and laser pointer
  • Auto-pointing technology for targeting prism with push of a button
  • Onboard MAGNET Field software for COGO calculations onsite
  • Coaxial EDM laser and laser pointer
  • Red or green guide light assists in viewing directions during stake point
  • EDM trigger key for quick measurement
  • TSshield security system for theft protection or unauthorized usage
  • USB and RS-232C serial port
  • Up to 5-hour battery life
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-65
  • Large single color LCD touchscreen
  • Alphanumeric keyboard

The Package Includes:

  • Tripod Stand
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Big prism with prism pole
  • Carrying Case



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